Twitter Bootstrap

I recently redesigned my professional site using Twitter Bootstrap:

I found it to be a bit much and I think I might prefer to code from scratch or using my own templates. At least if I use Bootstrap again I’ll customize the framework to use far fewer components. I did customize and eliminate many default elements for this project, and I tried to only include what I thought I’d need, but there were still too many styles and modules. Now that I’ve used Bootstrap I have a better understanding of what I might use and what I won’t, as well as how to start as small as possible and go back for the code I discover I need.

Another thing I didn’t like is how disorganized the style sheet is compared to what I would build from scratch and what I’ve already modified with HTML5 boilerplate

What I did like was that I was able to cut and paste a carousel and it worked immediately — though I ended up not using it — versus having to modify the code like with jCarousel. So Bootstrap is definitely a good tool when I need one or a few components quickly, but I don’t think I’ll attempt another project relying completely on Bootstrap and several of its parts.%