Responsive Design, Domains and What’s Next

Much has happened in the last week. Early last week I took break from the reunion site to build a responsive résumé site using an article from A List Apart. Later, I used what I learned in that project and from other responsive design articles to make the reunion site responsive. I hadn’t known how incredibly easy it is to use media queries and I’m ready to dive into mobile first as much as possible going forward!

I also started storing my in-development files in Dropbox which gives me the flexibility to make edits from anywhere.

I developed the reunion site to the point where it was not finished but ready to show off for my family reunion bid. Unfortunately, I didn’t win the reunion but it was decided I’d host the one after, and I volunteered to create a website for the winning city.

To wrap up that project, I bought the domain name and pointed it to my hosting at Go Daddy.The site files are still in a subfolder of I created a subdomain,, at Go Daddy, but I’m not sure that was a necessary step. What got everything working was creating that subdomain in the DNS records for and pointing it to the subfolder URL, then configuring the DNS records for to point to the ttm2014 URL as a URL Frame. I did all of this before with, but I didn’t remember how, so I hope having it documented here will help. An article about CNAMEs and naked domains was also a big help.

Next I’ll be creating a portfolio website for a friend and I need to finally learn WAMP, WordPress, the 960 grid and LESS because I want to use all of those tools for the site. I’ll be returning to learning JavaScript as I have time.