The Struggle: Centering and inline-block

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My footer is pretty much how I want it. Its width is a little more than the text that fills it and, as I correct the font rendering problem or view the site in different contexts, the width should adjust properly. That’s what I want. The only issue is that I set the width in ems. I’d rather the desired width happen with padding applied to the p tag so that the width of the grey footer box is dependent upon the p tag styling and not a defined div width. 

The padding that I want on the p tag is set. I know that I can display the div as inline-block and then it won’t need a width or display with the 100% default width that block elements have. However, when I set the display that way, my footer is no longer centered. With the div as an inline element, the left and right margins which I have set to auto no longer apply and I have to figure out a new way to center the div.

I’m sure this is something I’ve been over before that I should be able to fix, but since the display is essentially how I want it for now, I’ll come back to this issue later.