Who are they Targeting
     A study of Black talk show hosts and their target audiences

Race and Politics
Robert Carreon     Arelia Jones
Michael Mesirow   Michael Tolles

On the following pages you will find a study of television talk shows hosted by African Americans. This study was inspired by Entman and Rojecki's The Black Image in the White Mind: Media and Race in America* and by a discussion on Okayplayer.com's message board. A group of students from the Race and Politics course at Washington University in St. Louis, we used some of the ideas and methods from this book to study whether or not we felt these talk shows included black people in their target audiences. The shows we viewed where the Ananda Lewis Show, the Montel Williams Show, and the Oprah Show. These are the only shows with black hosts currently on the air. Recently cancelled shows include those hosted by Iyanla Vanzant and Queen Latifah.

Breifly, we decided that the show with the most mixed race audience was the Ananda Lewis show. We found diversity in her in-studio audience, her guests, and even her guest experts. Far behind Ananda in diversity was Montel, and even further behind was Oprah. On each host's respective page, you will find the insights of the reviewers of each show.

*See Works Cited in the Montel Williams section
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