Moving on from the Reunion Website

Using what I learned from Shay Howe’s tutorial I made various improvements to my code on the reunion site. Now I get much better validation results!

Many of the validation errors came from using the HTML 4.0 doctype with HTML5 elements. I did remove some of the semantic HTML tags that were associated with CSS in order to support IE8. I used divs instead.

After reviewing the code, there were still several items I wanted to address before calling it a wrap:

  1. Styling content 
  2. Adding and editing content
  3. Replacing images
  4. Testing the contact form 
  5. Fixing image shadows for IE8
  6. Google font rendering
  7. Adding a jQuery image rotator for the front page

Because this is not a high traffic site and because I have a long list of other projects I’m eager to get to, I decided not to complete everything on the list. I fixed all of the content styling and updated the copy a bit, but I’m not going to add a great deal more copy. I replaced and compressed many of the images and corrected the dimensions of the interior subhead images which had been stretched to the size of the main page image. The contact form works – it relies on the user’s email program. I will practice other methods of form processing on a future project instead. Although the style is not nearly as nice as it is in modern browsers, I learned about the CSS filters available for adding drop shadows in IE8. The Google font rendering “problem” was bad CSS writing on my part – all fixed now! And the jQuery image rotator will have to happen on a future project, after I’ve finished learning JavaScript.

In addition to what’s linked above I had help from the following:

A Primer on the CSS Font Shorthand Property from Impressive Webs:
Helped me learn everything I’d done wrong in styling fonts and fixed what I thought was a Chrome rendering problem.

And this thread on body font size:
For more help understanding font properties.