Digital Project Management Summit Notes

Meghan Wilker and Nancy Lyons

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Embracing Chaos: An Interactive Project Management Survival Guide

Part 1: Interactive is different
Digital vs interactive
– possible to deliver digital work that is not interactive
Our forefathers slide. People think they can do this Bc they’ve gone something similar
These agencies end up favoring either creative or devs
Interactive teams are more collaborative
Your work will skew towards 2 or more of the forefather slide items

The process wars
Agile waterfall agency (agency is throw it over the wall creative director method)
Whatever process or methodology your using cannot become the clients problem. Veronica martin

What is project management
-Glorified admins
-Dump everything on Pm’s (sales doesn’t know what they’ve sold. Creative designs wrong thing Pm’s have to clean up)
– focus on deliverables, timelines, status reports
– rands entropy crushers – bad Pm’s have ruined reputation of Pm’s
“Pm is like air quality. If you can see it it’s probably killing you” Adam’s talk re shining light for/on your team

Project management is a leadership role.
It starts with me
Need to collaborate and share. Pm’s drive. Don’t think accounts is only one who can translate needs

Part 2: Anatomy of an excellent PM

Emotional intelligence-. Empathy intuition instinct
-everyone wants innovation (my idea) but no one wants to change (someone else’s idea)
How do you drive new processes
– take improv classes. Learn how to get people to hear you, stay with you, recognize what they need, learn to read a room: both team and client
– test EI in meeting
Low: stick to agenda
High: have the meeting you notice needs to happen
High: brets talk about persons problem example
People first milestone second

Strategic thinking-Live and breathe the work. Connect what with why. Know who, know when
-Zeldman said have your own site. Know the web. Know what your team does at least enough. Have respect of your team
-Be Santa and cancel a meeting if you can’t justify a person being there. But. Don’t cut someone out of a meeting they should be in
– take lesson from mistake and apply it to next thing

Guidance-Give meaning. Communicate effectively. Stay cool under pressure
– Brett’s venting. If you’re the captain of the ship and you’re crying its not going to be a good journey (don’t vent to your team. Be the person your team can vent to?)
– know your client / audience and maybe change from normal deliverable

Motivation – social engineering. Leadership. Likability
– trying to motivate people to so things when you are not their boss
– think about people like they are padlocks (disc)
– a good pm is likable (not people pleasing or babysitting) still be a jerk when Brett says to
– be a good introvert pm. Just have to care

Bravery-taking risks. Building consensus. Making mistakes
– it’s ok to say i don’t know. You’re part of a team. You don’t all have all answers
– change is hard (Facebook makes a change it becomes a news story)
– sometimes instigators get bad rap. Frame situations. Temper by starting with I need your help. When you ask for help people want to give it (no confrontational)
– best pm ever: samwise
You can’t carry the ring for your team. Keeping eye out for Golum (scope creep). Making sure there’s lumbus bread. Staying out of dark places
Other Sean Aston examples: Rudy, goonies, toy soldiers

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