Digital Project Management Summit Notes

Liesl Pfeffer


Risk Management for Digital Projects

Why do you need to know how to mange risks
An event thatcan occur during project with negative (or positive) outcome (like scope freep)

1 Intro
Identify and asses
Define and agree onresponse strategy
Track until closure

Every person in team including client manages risks

2 How to identify
Internal vs external
Int. anything you can control, plan for, mitigate, assign within team
Related to availability and reliability of resources stakeholders suppliers

External. Can’t predict hard todo foresee and control
Competitors law disaster etc

Categorize risks
Common: scope creep, disorganized under resources client etc
Tech: third party’s new tech, qa
Operational: skill levels, equipment, staff or software access

3 defining risks
Risk register-a table
Description of risk

Asses probability- use common sense, experience, questioning
Impact- cost time and quality
Severity- common sense, project knowledge, experience
Determine response-risk analysis (impact/severity), benefit if response, cost of response

4 tracking risks
Schedule check points
Maintain risk register regularly
Discuss current risks w stakeholders each week

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