Digital Project Management Summit Notes

Josh Seiden


Continuous Learning and Delivery: The Future of Project Management

  1. Continuous Learning
  2. Outcomes, Not features
    • Output:  the software we build. The materials we produce easy to trace – a new login page
    • Outcome: the change in the world after we deliver output. Harder to trace. Ex: increase user login rate
    • Impact: the change we see over time. Very hard to trace. Ex: out service is profitable
    • Don’t manage output, focus on outcomes, don’t make team focus on impact
  3. Small, x-functional teams
    • Jeff Bezos 2-pizza principle – size
    • 1 project each – no task or context switching
    • 1 location (same time zone at least)
    • Self-sufficient
  4. The new organization
    • Nature of the team’s iterative process and its relationship with stakeholders and clients

Differences between this and traditional agile

  • Staffing rhythm, how to balance giving team members the right amount of work with keeping your resources dedicated to 1 project
  • Without dedicated teams this process doesn’t work
  • Paypal has two work streams at a time

The most important part of agile is the retrospective meeting

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