Digital Project Management Summit Notes

Dan Brown


Designing Together: Making Conflict Work for You

  • Surviving Design Projects (like Apples to Apples for design projects)
    • Gameplay
      • The game includes ~30 potential situations and ~40 different patterns for how to approach those situations
      • Each round, a player pulls a blue situation card and the other players have a hand of 3 brown pattern cards to choose from. The player who uses the best approach (pattern) wins the situation card for that round. Most situation cards at the end of the game wins.
      • With 7 people it took us about 5 minutes per round
    • Outcome
      • New ideas for how to approach common problems
      • Sometimes it felt like there were no good pattern cards – that’s kind of the point of the game
    • Post-game discussion
      • Hardest (part of the game? Situation?)
      • Any new situations that we hadn’t see before?
      • Best (pattern used?)
      • Any patterns we hadn’t tried before?

Also recommends Pandemic as a good PM board game

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