Digital Project Management Summit Notes

Aretha Choi


3 Difficult Conversations You’re Bound To Encounter as a Producer

How to reframe into learning conversations:

  • Figuring out what went wrong
    • Instead of who to blame, reframe the conversation as map the contribution system
      • Blame – pinpointing something, made a judgment, consequences for that
    • map the contribution system
      • Step back and get perspective – Contribution is about process
      • Assume you’re missing information
      • Work together to retrace the gaps
  • Educating the client
    • Move from Certainty (which can be condescending) to curiosity
    • Ask them how they see it differently
    • Don’t present The Truth
    • Make it okay to disagree
  • Share your feelings
    • Start with the third story – “the staging site wasn’t updated” not the staging site looked bad or made us look back
    • Use the “And Stance” – I was upset and the client was upset and it was horrible… allows moments for someone else to interject
    • Know your story and say it with clarity

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