Digital Project Management Summit Notes

Adam Edgerton


Retain Your PMs: Preventing Pitfalls

  • Why PM retention
    • Bigger organizational learning curve
    • High-skill position with diverse role
    • Key to client satisfaction and communication continuity
    • Turnover wrecks projects
  • Pitfalls
    • Organizational
      • Lack of team support – PM should be in background pulling strings, not in spotlight
      • Lack autonomy and empowerment to make important decisions
      • It is assumed that the PM role takes the fall – then you internalize issues, don’t stop them, project falls apart, you get the blame
        • Reiterate your team can make mistakes but must learn
    • Role-based
      • PMs burn out (depends on what the company is doing to them – me)
        • Have good work life balance, think about how you’re feeling, use your vacation time
      • Project wins are fleeting
        • Adam’s company is extracting maintenance from project team (!)
      • There are alternatives to being a DPM
        • Account management, Product ownership – what can make PMs stay PMs
        • You have to love the chaos, etc. There is career development
        • Juggle projects so you get different types of work

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