Digital Project Management Summit


WHYY in Philadelphia

WHYY in Philadelphia

The inaugural Digital Project Management Summit was held at WHYY in Philadelphia October 14 and 15. 150 project managers and other digital professionals attended while 180 remained on the wait list.

My notes from each talk I attended are below, but there is also a wealth of information at the Digital Project Management Summit website, updated with post-conference notes and blog posts.

Monday’s Talks

Jeffrey Zeldman

Jared Ponchot

Brett Harned

Adam Edgerton

Dan Brown

Jaimee Newberry

Meghan Wilker and Nancy Lyons

Tuesday’s Talks

Liesl Pfeffer

Rachel Gertz

Sam Barnes

Carl Smith

Aretha Choi

Josh Seiden

Breandán Knowlton

Michael Lopp