The Struggle: Centering and inline-block

My footer is pretty much how I want it. Its width is a little more than the text that fills it and, as I correct the font rendering problem or view the site in different contexts, the width should adjust properly. That’s what I want. The only issue is that I set the width in… Read more »

CSS Positioning

This week I did more work on the family reunion site. There were broken images, the header icon needed to link back to the home page and my header elements were not in place in IE8: Though in Chrome and Firefox, the header was fine: That’s what I spent the most time fixing, by reviewing… Read more »

Gonna Try

Gonna Try Making the goal official-er.

Getting Good

Last Monday was day 1 of my post-SXSW initiative to set aside time each week for web design and development learning. I took a tip from one of the sessions I attended, Getting Good: Practical Tips for New Designers, which was to pick one problem to solve at a time and learn how to solve… Read more »