New Website and other updates

The other week I said I would be working on my friend’s Bloggers of Health website in WordPress. She decided to go with someone with more WordPress experience instead. I did help her with some graphics and information on hosting, language translation and other things she’ll need for the site, and I’ll be helping with… Read more »

WordPress and BarCamp Conway

This weekend I continued working on Bloggers of Health with my friend Jessica. Since she’ll have several contributing bloggers, we’re moving away from Wix (yay!) and over to WordPress. I’m getting her started with and then I’ll be doing my first self-hosted WordPress build, if I can convince her to purchase hosting. I also… Read more »

Busy Week

I probably won’t be doing any web design practice this week. I’ll be very busy with the Communicator Award-winning company I work for. I did get to do some proofing and content work over the weekend for my friend Jessica’s new site which will be live soon at

This week’s project

A friend of mine really likes the layout I did for my personal site. I’d much rather do something different, and I’ll try to convince her to let me do a new design soon, but for now, I’m just popping in her information in place of my own. I’m also planning a redesign for myself,… Read more »

Paul Irish on HTML5 Boilerplate

Paul Irish on HTML5 Boilerplate Sooo helpful. Monday nights are supposed to be “homework” nights, not “study” nights. So I am supposed to be working on my friend’s resume site, but instead I am watching the boilerplate video.

Moving on from the Reunion Website

Using what I learned from Shay Howe’s tutorial I made various improvements to my code on the reunion site. Now I get much better validation results! Many of the validation errors came from using the HTML 4.0 doctype with HTML5 elements. I did remove some of the semantic HTML tags that were associated with CSS in order… Read more »


Editing This morning I did a little copy editing for my friend Jessica at I’m adding her to my practice list and I’ll be going back later to suggest some more content and design changes.

See me on Codecademy

See me on Codecademy I still have a list of things to do for the reunion website, but tonight I decided to get started learning JavaScript with CodeYear. There’s several weeks of catching up ahead of me!

So much to read…

…that I don’t know if I want to focus on reading or coding tonight. Modern Web Development: Tweeted today by @garazi A Closer Look At Font Rendering: Tweeted today by @smashingmag