Agile: An Introduction

Agile: An Introduction (by catechnologies) (Source:

Captioning on YouTube

Not long ago at work we were discussing the benefits of adding closed captioning to YouTube videos. The obvious benefit is making your content accessible to users who are hearing impaired or for whom the video’s language is not their first language, but an added bonus is that search engines index this text. I wanted… Read more »

Web and Social Tips for Nonprofits

I recently took a look at the web presence of a nonprofit organization and it gave me a few ideas on how organizations that accept donations might increase giving. I made a donation to this group, and at the end of the online donation process there was no prompt to tweet or post to Facebook that I’d just… Read more »

Professional Site Redesign Tools

I picked up a few skills and relied on a few new resources for the redesign of my professional site. I read this article on Responsive Background Images: I also coded my first PHP script, a simple form mailer for the contact form, with help from and I didn’t know what I wanted for the design, and I tried… Read more »

Twitter Bootstrap

I recently redesigned my professional site using Twitter Bootstrap: I found it to be a bit much and I think I might prefer to code from scratch or using my own templates. At least if I use Bootstrap again I’ll customize the framework to use far fewer components. I did customize and eliminate many default… Read more »

The new

During the busy period I mentioned in the last post I updated my personal website. Before: After: It’s not yet my vision for the site, which isn’t completely defined, but it was an opportunity to learn to use frameworks while quickly giving the site a much needed new look, even if it’s temporary. Earlier I’d started… Read more »

Quick Update

I’ve spent the last few months first being really busy, and after, making very sure to not be busy at all. Now I’m back to coding. I have a new project in mind, but my current focus is the CS50X course from Harvard at For the first week’s project I created a game —… Read more »

Responsive Design, Domains and What’s Next

Much has happened in the last week. Early last week I took break from the reunion site to build a responsive résumé site using an article from A List Apart. Later, I used what I learned in that project and from other responsive design articles to make the reunion site responsive. I hadn’t known how incredibly easy… Read more »

Images Added to jCarousel

I knew the way I’d configured my placeholders wouldn’t work when I added my art because overflow=hidden would clip the height off of the art. To replace my placeholder blocks with images I had to: Position the images to the bottom of their container ul#carousel (green) Keep the overflow:hidden on ul#carousel and make the height… Read more »

JavaScript Troubles and Success!

Yesterday I continued working on the 2014 family reunion website. When I’d last worked on the site, adding jCarousel had thrown my footer layout into complete chaos. For example, I had positioned the list wrapper 50% to the left and the list itself 50% back to the right to center it. That didn’t work with… Read more »