Process and Critique

Wireframes: StartUp Weekend

Startup Weekend Balsamiq wireframes

I didn’t present these to my Startup Weekend team, but I started user flow sketches while on the train headed to the first full day. Here are the original sketches: And here they are revised in Balsamiq:  

Wireframes: 2014

Balsamiq wireframes for

This site is undergoing a much needed makeover! I began the design by listing out what elements were important to the front page and determining their hierarchy. Here are my original wireframes, which preceded the decision to move my blog from Tumblr to WordPress.   Here they are cleaned up in Balsamiq:

Wireframes: Family Reunion 2014

Balsamiq family reunion site wireframe

I’m currently working on family reunion websites for 2014. I started the design with sketches, mobile first, that highlight the most important calls to action, primarily registering and booking a hotel followed by receiving more information via a newsletter and interacting with the family’s Facebook page and online family tree.   Here is the sketch… Read more »

Web and Social Tips for Nonprofits

I recently took a look at the web presence of a nonprofit organization and it gave me a few ideas on how organizations that accept donations might increase giving. I made a donation to this group, and at the end of the online donation process there was no prompt to tweet or post to Facebook that I’d just… Read more »

Moving on from the Reunion Website

Using what I learned from Shay Howe’s tutorial I made various improvements to my code on the reunion site. Now I get much better validation results! Many of the validation errors came from using the HTML 4.0 doctype with HTML5 elements. I did remove some of the semantic HTML tags that were associated with CSS in order… Read more »