This week’s project

A friend of mine really likes the layout I did for my personal site. I’d much rather do something different, and I’ll try to convince her to let me do a new design soon, but for now, I’m just popping in her information in place of my own. I’m also planning a redesign for myself,… Read more »

Moving on from the Reunion Website

Using what I learned from Shay Howe’s tutorial I made various improvements to my code on the reunion site. Now I get much better validation results! Many of the validation errors came from using the HTML 4.0 doctype with HTML5 elements. I did remove some of the semantic HTML tags that were associated with CSS in order… Read more »

Launch: Simmons First Bank

Launch: Simmons First Bank Simmons First Bank recently updated their front and interior page design. This was another of my projects as an assistant producer at Aristotle Web Design. The staff at Simmons were great to work with on this project. Changes included a new main page slider, improved branding throughout the site, and more interior… Read more »

Launch: Arkansas.com Buffalo National River 40th Anniversary

Launch: Arkansas.com Buffalo National River 40th Anniversary To commemorate 40 years since Arkansas’s Buffalo River became America’s first national river, Arkansas Tourism launched a Buffalo National River 40thAnniversary mini site at http://arkansas.com/buffalo40. This was my second project as an assistant producer at Aristotle Web Design and my first Aristotle project with the great staff at the… Read more »

Launch: Little Rock CVB

Launch: Little Rock CVB This was my first project as an assistant producer at Aristotle Web Design. The staff at Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau were great first clients to work with. The redesign included new looks for littlerock.com, rivermarket.info and littlerockmeetings.com and a new mobile site at littlerock.com/m.   Site features include a dining mini site, trip planner, and “Big” Deals from Arkansas.com. There are landing… Read more »