Conferences and Events

Chicago Startup Weekend

FavorCircle at Chicago Startup Weekend

I participated in Chicago Startup Weekend November 15-17, 2013. Here is a presentation I gave about what the experience was like for me and how my team did.

Digital Project Management Summit

WHYY in Philadelphia

  The inaugural Digital Project Management Summit was held at WHYY in Philadelphia October 14 and 15. 150 project managers and other digital professionals attended while 180 remained on the wait list. My notes from each talk I attended are below, but there is also a wealth of information at the Digital Project Management Summit… Read more »

Data Visualization (ChicagoRuby)

Data Visualization Hosted by ChicagoRuby at Thoughtworks Presented by Vanessa Shen (@vanessashen) The size of the visual should match the value of the data Distorting Data: -3D can make data more complicated -Pie charts are particularly difficult to understand with more than 3 values/slices; 3D makes pie charts even more difficult -Avoid gradients unless the… Read more »

WordPress and BarCamp Conway

This weekend I continued working on Bloggers of Health with my friend Jessica. Since she’ll have several contributing bloggers, we’re moving away from Wix (yay!) and over to WordPress. I’m getting her started with and then I’ll be doing my first self-hosted WordPress build, if I can convince her to purchase hosting. I also… Read more »

Getting Good

Last Monday was day 1 of my post-SXSW initiative to set aside time each week for web design and development learning. I took a tip from one of the sessions I attended, Getting Good: Practical Tips for New Designers, which was to pick one problem to solve at a time and learn how to solve… Read more »